Medical and pharmaceutical process engineering

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Individualized and sustainable medical and pharmaceutical process engineering

Optimal patient-centered and individualized care is an important goal in medical and pharmaceutical technology. The highest quality requirements and more stringent regulatory stipulations are leading to pronounced innovation pressure and cost demands in the production of both medical devices and pharmaceuticals. Digitization poses further challenges for the industry.

Coating and surface processes from the Fraunhofer IST for medical and pharmaceutical process engineering 

In interdisciplinary teams, the Fraunhofer IST develops solutions for product and production systems in medical and pharmaceutical process engineering. Using qualified equipment, we develop barrier coatings for medical products. By means of adhesion-controlling surfaces we optimize, amongst other things, cell-culture systems and implants. With functional coatings, we increase the sensitivity of e.g. diagnostic test procedures. In the field of hygiene, we offer innovative cleaning systems for surface disinfection in addition to sustainable antibacterial coatings. For individualized medicine production, we design process chains ranging from the modification of active constituents and excipients through to innovative packaging concepts.

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Our main focuses and expertise


Industry solutions

Individualized medicine production


Interfacial chemistry and adaptive adhesion

Hygiene and cleaning


Industry solutions

Translational manufacturing platform for innovative medical products

Selected reference project


Reference project

Infection prevention through functional surfaces and new cleaning systems

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