Optical systems and applications for surface technology

Optical coating on a substrate 200 mm in diameter and an optical density of 6. Top: reflection, bottom: transmission behavior.
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Optical coating on a substrate 200 mm in diameter and an optical density of 6. Top: reflection, bottom: transmission behavior.

For the widest variety of applications of optical components, thin-film technologies provide an important contribution towards the development of innovative solutions. Across all sectors, optical components are just as necessary for automated production processes as for the application itself. This requires layers – ranging from one single layer to several hundred – which are stable against environmental influences and which must be deposited with an accuracy of only a few atomic layers. At the Fraunhofer IST, we develop such precision optical systems and the associated production processes. 

With the coating platform EOSS® (Enhanced Optical Sputtering System), a production-ready system for high-precision interference filters is available and, in combination with the process monitoring and control software MOCCA, complex filters with many hundreds of layers can also be achieved, which we design based on the requirements of our customers. For the optimization of processes and facilities we create customized simulations and virtual coating runs. We link these with optical measurement technology for process control and quality assurance. 

”With increasing digitalization, optical applications are becoming more and more important. We offer our customers application-oriented solutions for optical systems in the field of coating and surface technology.”

Dr. Michael Vergöhl, Head of Department

Our expertise and fields of application in the area of production technology, measurement technology, sensor technology and space

In the application field of optical systems, we make use of simulation to develop production technology for the manufacture of sophisticated optical and opto-electronic film systems. Optical measuring systems allow both the control of optical film deposition and the ex-situ measurement of surfaces. We use our proprietary coating technology to manufacture optical filters.


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