Process and production engineering for sustainable energy storage

Electrodes for the production of battery cells.
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Electrodes for the production of battery cells.

The energy revolution is crucial for a secure, environmentally compatible and economically successful future. This can only be achieved, however, if the technologies used to generate, convert and store energy are made even more efficient, cost-effective and environmentally friendly.  The department of “Process and Production Engineering for Sustainable Energy Storage Systems” at Fraunhofer IST focuses on research and development of materials and processes for recyclable energy storage systems and the design of factory systems for the production of energy storage systems including hydrogen technologies. The core competencies of the department include economic and environmental assessments of production systems, process optimization through multi-scale simulation, and process monitoring for energy storage technologies. In addition, a holistic and sustainable design of the entire life cycle of energy storage systems – from raw material extraction through to material production, product manufacture, use and recycling – is strived for.

Our expertise and fields of application in the area of process and production engineering for sustainable energy storage


Battery systems


Hydrogen and fuel cell systems


Sustainable factory systems


Life cycle management


Material and process development for novel batteries

”Innovative technologies and sustainable process chains push forward progress and enable the advancement of energy efficiency – and, consequently, resource efficiency – as one of the most important pillars of the energy revolution.”

Dr.-Ing. Sabrina Zellmer, Head of Department

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