Tribological coatings on gear wheels for the automotive sector.
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Tribological coatings on gear wheels for the automotive sector.

Efficient tribosystems

Friction, wear and corrosion cause costs amounting to billions of euros every year in Germany alone. The development of durable and resistant tribosystems with the aid of surface treatments therefore forms a focus at the Fraunhofer IST. As a result, service lives can be extended, friction losses minimized or contamination avoided, amongst other things. This also opens up new design possibilities for the configuration of tribosystems.

Tribosystem evaluation and system optimization

The basic prerequisite for the derivation of an effective solution strategy is the detailed evaluation of the tribosystems under consideration, taking into account all components and the specific operating conditions. Materials and manufacturing processes are thereby taken into account as well as the heat treatments used. With the aid of this data, we at the Fraunhofer IST develop solution proposals utilizing surface treatments and coatings.

Resilient tribosystems

High-performance and resilient tribosystems are produced at the Fraunhofer IST with the aid of the latest surface technologies. Depending on the customer's wishes or requirements, we adapt the strategic goals of the proposed solutions accordingly.

Economical and flexible production systems

In addition to the technical solutions, at the Fraunhofer IST we also develop the production systems necessary for manufacture. The main focus here is on questions of economic efficiency. Depending on customer requirements, however, the focus can also be placed on parameters such as process speed, process reliability or product flexibility. As a result, our customers receive a production system which is tailored to their specific requirements for the series-production implementation of the tribology solutions developed.

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