Vehicle construction

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The current challenges in vehicle construction, such as the reduction of CO2 emissions or autonomous driving, necessitate the development of innovative technologies.

Customized surfaces for the vehicles of tomorrow

Vehicle technology – and automobile construction in particular – is currently undergoing diverse transformations. Drive concepts are changing (electric drives), as is usage behavior (shared mobility). As a result, the requirement profiles for surfaces in both the interior and the exterior areas are shifting - in some cases very significantly. Furthermore, there is a need for solutions which allow the realization of individualized and interactive surfaces. For the implementation of sustainable solutions, an economic and ecological consideration of the entire life cycle of the vehicle is necessary, from production and the use phase to recycling in the sense of a circular economy.

Multifunctional and smart surface finishes fulfill diverse demands

High demands on durability and resilience and the desire for individuality necessitate new materials and surfaces. The sustainability of the production and the product as well as the implementation in large-scale production must thereby be ensured. The Fraunhofer IST develops application-specific solutions in accordance with the customer's specifications. We make targeted use of the combination of the most varied coating systems and technologies in order to fulfill the differing requirements. We can thereby realize not only tribological but also optical functions. A combination with additional functions, such as non-stick or anti-bacterial properties, is also possible. Autonomous driving requires sensor-based monitoring of many vehicle components, as the driver is no longer available as a monitoring entity. Thin-film sensors on surfaces or integrated into components can take over this surveillance function, thereby monitoring vehicle safety.

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