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Optics as an innovation driver and a key technology 

Optical technologies rank among the most important growth and future industries of the German economy. In addition to the external appearance, the industrial focus is also on functionalization: Across all sectors, optical components are just as necessary for automated production processes as for the application itself. This requires layers – ranging from one single layer through to several hundred – which are stable against environmental influences and which must be respectively deposited with an accuracy of only a few atomic layers.

Simulation, demonstration and production transfer for optical coatings and systems

With our thin-film technologies, we are actively involved in the optics sector with innovative solutions for industrial applications. Coatings are developed for both optical components and the associated plant technology. With the EOSS® sputtering facility, a production-ready system for high-precision interference filters is available. For the optimization of the processes and facilities, precise simulations and virtual coating runs are performed. We link these with optical measurement technology for process control and quality assurance: in-situ control with the MOCCA monitoring system, with an ex-situ mapping system for ellipsometry, photometry and Raman spectroscopy, or particle and defect analysis by means of FIB-SEM and confocal microscopy. New measurement systems are designed and constructed using tools such as Zemax, TracePro and COMSOL.

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