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Basic medical care in rural areas of Africa often fails due to inadequate mobility. In the sub-Saharan region, for example, distances to the nearest large town can sometimes be up to 600 kilometers. Prompt treatment of the sick, the early detection and prevention of epidemics, and appropriate healthcare for the entire population therefore present major challenges.


Within the framework of the PreCare project, a cost-effective platform for mounting on pickup trucks was developed, which makes pre-clinical examinations, tests and vaccinations possible even in remote areas. The care units thereby provide storage space for diverse medical devices and active substances, and contain modular elements such as a water-treatment plant, disinfectant production, a refrigerator and a telecommunications unit. Furthermore, photovoltaic modules and a battery enable the platforms to operate self-sufficiently. 

Added Value 

As a result of its modular and universal design, the PreCare mobile platform can be adapted to the respective local and substantive requirements. Depending on the equipment configuration, the intended use can be varied. The system is suitable for establishing primary healthcare in remote areas or for setting up community healthcare programs. Furthermore, it can be utilized for the monitoring of infectious diseases and, consequently, for the early detection of epidemics, as well as for first aid in the event of a catastrophe. The mobile unit, which can also be converted into a small laboratory, provides valuable, flexible support for widely differing aid organizations and even for animal and species protection. Moreover, the platform can be used for testing new products in areas where access is difficult and for research purposes.

Insights into the project

PreCare care unit
© Fraunhofer IST, Frank Neumann
The care unit provides storage space and the energy supply for diverse medical devices, active substances and tests.
PreCare care unit
© Fraunhofer IST, Lothar Schäfer
The future driver and operator of the PreCare system explains the structure of the mobile care platform to the attendees.

Further information on the reference project


Press release

Health care in rural areas of the sub-Saharan region

With the aim of being able to ensure comprehensive preclinical care in even the most remote areas of Africa, researchers from the Fraunhofer IST, in collaboration with partners, have developed a mobile care platform which, on 3rd March 2023, was handed over to the NGO Rhiza Babuyile during a ceremonial event.


Press release

Sub-Saharan Africa: Healthcare for everyone

The comprehensive provision of medical care presents a major challenge, particularly in rural regions of Africa. The Fraunhofer IST is therefore working in collaboration with the Fraunhofer ISE and the Stellenbosch University in South Africa on the development of a mobile healthcare platform with which even the most remote areas can be reached.

Funding reference

The project is funded by the Fraunhofer Future Foundation within the framework of the “Zukunftsplatz" (Future Place) funding line.


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