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Biotechnica 2017: Atmospheric pressure plasma processes

Cost-effective plastics are used for many medical disposable products. Atmospheric pressure plasma processes such as those used and developed at the Fraunhofer IST offer a variety of possibilities for changing the physical or chemical characteristics of surfaces so that they can be used for biomedical applications.


Biotechnica 2017: New paths in regenerative medicine

3D-printed biocompatible support structures known as scaffolds play an important role in the field of regenerative medicine. Together with seven project partners, the Fraunhofer IST is currently working on an advance in 3D printing that will allow for greater time and cost efficiency in producing the scaffolds while at the same time functionalizing them through atmospheric pressure plasma processes.


Hannover Messe 2017: Cold plasma spraying

Microparticles and nanoparticles form the basis of many innovative applications and technologies, including what is known as cold plasma spraying, due to their large specific surface. What makes the innovative process developed at the Fraunhofer IST special is that a broad range of different materials can be treated and a variety of layer functions can be realized at the same time.


Hannover Messe 2017: Cold plasma – Get started with the Disc Jet

At the Hanover Trade Fair from April 24 – 28, 2017, the researchers will present the new plasma process on three-dimensional plastic components (Hall 2, Booth C16/C22). The low weight of the Disc Jet allows it to be mounted to a robot arm. For a better understanding of the modes of action, a monitor displays an illustration of different discharge forms.

Trade fairs and events

LASER 2017

München, June 26 - 29, 2017

At the LASER World of Photonics the  Fraunhofer IST presents the latest results of the laser plasma hybrid technology. A process which combines the laser and the atmospheric pressure plasma technologies.

Parts2Clean 2017

Stuttgart, October 24 - 26, 2017

The Frauhofer IST presents itself at the Parts2Clean 2017 at a joint Fraunhofer booth as a member of the Fraunhofer Cleaning Technology Alliance.

Additive Manufacturing meets Surface Technology

Braunschweig, November 29 - 30, 2017

In various talks and workshops the interaction between this two technologies will be discussed and explained.

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