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Thermal atomic layer deposition for medical research.
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Thermal atomic layer deposition for medical research.

Atomic layer deposition for medical-technology applications

Medical-technology innovations from small and medium-sized companies often fail due to the implementation of special processes which are necessary for the manufacture of the medical product, and consequently do not achieve the transfer from basic research to the market. In contrast, expensive machines in universities are not sufficiently utilized. The platform “Translational Manufacturing Platform Medical Innovation” optimizes the technology and knowledge transfer of special processes based on atomic layer deposition at the Fraunhofer IST.

Translational research platform at the Fraunhofer IST

ALD technology is characterized in particular by the fact that highly compliant and uniform coating systems can be deposited on geometrically complex surfaces with excellent reproducibility. In this context, the Fraunhofer IST offers, on the basis of this coating technology, the development and optimization of nanometer-thick diffusion barrier coatings for e.g. implants with deep-lying micro undercuts or vertical material interfaces.

Research platform for medical-technology applications

The Fraunhofer IST offers both companies and research institutes without their own infrastructure the use of the atomic layer deposition system, which is qualified for medical technology, within the framework of collaborative projects.

Selected reference project


Reference project

TransPlaMed – Manufacturing platform for innovations in medical technology