Silicon layers produced by HWCVD for a heterostructure solar cell.
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Silicon layers produced by HWCVD for a heterostructure solar cell.

Efficient technologies are the key to a successful energy transition

The de-fossilisation of society and the economy requires a consistent transition towards the integration of renewable energy technologies. However, this can only succeed by developing innovative technologies for energy generation, conversion and storage that are even more efficient, cost-effective and environmentally friendly. Digitalization is supporting this transition by making it possible to intelligently network complex systems, such as producer networks, energy grids or industrial and private energy consumers.

From photovoltaics to batteries to hydrogen - Fraunhofer IST develops innovative solutions for the energy sector

At Fraunhofer Institute for Surface Engineering and Thin Films IST, we actively collaborate in order to advance energy research in a wide range of areas. Our main focus is on the development of innovative and sustainable battery technologies based on solid electrolytes (All-Solid-State Batteries - ASSB) and recyclable raw materials. In addition to battery production, we also focus on the development of efficient recycling techniques in order to close the material loop. In the field of photovoltaics, we ensure ever greater efficiency of solar cells with the development of functional coatings and s layer systems produced by means of new and industrially established processes. We are also involved in developing hydrogen technologies that are market-ready by optimizing coating systems for components such as electrolysers, fuel cells or hydrogen tanks. Furthermore, we solve systemic problems such as industrial hydrogen supply and the implementation of sector coupling. Together with strong partners from industry and science; the Fraunhofer Center for Energy Storage and Systems ZESS, the Battery LabFactory Braunschweig (BLB), the Hydrogen Campus Salzgitter and the Open Hybrid LabFactory (OHLF), we drive energy research forward. Jointly we find solutions and we would be happy to advise you!

Our main focuses and expertise


Process and production engineering for sustainable energy storage

Battery systems


Process and production engineering for sustainable energy storage

Hydrogen and fuel cell systems


Diamond-based systems and CleanTech

Layers for photovoltaics


Hydrogen analytics

How deeply does hydrogen penetrate surfaces?


Technology: Atomic layer deposition

Nanomaterials for the energy revolution

Selected reference projects


Reference project

Materials for sustainable tandem solar cells with maximum conversion efficiency


Reference project

HELMIZ innovation center


Reference project


Fraunhofer joint project “Neo-PEC”


Fraunhofer joint project Neo-PEC

Sustainable hydrogen from sunlight

Our commitment to research clusters


Fraunhofer Center for Energy Storage and Systems ZESS


greenBatt – Competence Cluster Recycling & Green Battery


FestBatt – Cluster of Competence for Solid-State Batteries


ProZell – Competence Cluster for Battery Cell Production


Hydrogen Campus Salzgitter

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