Diamond-based systems and CleanTech

Silicon substrate with a microcrystalline diamond coating.
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Silicon substrate with a microcrystalline diamond coating.

In many sectors, materials have to fulfill extreme requirements. They must, for example, be extremely hard, durable, biocompatible or chemically inert. Diamond – the hardest material in the world – combines these properties and enables the creation of unique products and innovations. Diamond offers enormous innovation potential for highly stressed components, tools, optical and electronic systems as well as for the chemical-free purification of water and gentle pest control. In close collaboration with our customers, we conduct application-oriented research and develop innovative processes, products and components for the utilization of diamond coatings. We hereby draw on more than 30 years of experience and state-of-the-art expertise in a broad spectrum of applications.

Our expertise and fields of application in the areas of optics, mechanical engineering and water


Diamond coatings for optical applications


Sustainable component and tool coating


Diamond electrodes for water purification and disinfection


Layers for photovoltaics

”Innovative processes and products for the utilization of diamond coatings are our passion.”

Dr. Volker Sittinger / Head of Department

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CVD technologies (chemical vapor deposition) enable the large-area production of diamond as a coating material and, as a result, its economic and versatile utilization. Here hot-wire activated chemical vapor deposition technology is applied in the development of diamond coatings. Furthermore, the Fraunhofer IST has a broad spectrum of coating materials and adapted process controls at its disposal, extending all the way to the ultra-precise deposition of atomic layers.



Chemical vapor deposition


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Plant and mechanical engineering, tools


Industry solutions

Environmental technology


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