Hydrogen and fuel cell systems

Inner coating of a hydrogen tank.
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Inner coating of a hydrogen tank.

Sustainable energy carrier – hydrogen and its importance for decarbonization

Alongside battery-electric energy storage, hydrogen represents a promising way of storing green electricity and harnessing it for mobility, the economy and private households. Due to the diverse potential applications and the potential use of available transport and storage infrastructure, hydrogen can contribute significantly to the decarbonization of German industry. 

Green hydrogen economy

To establish a sustainably operating hydrogen economy, it is essential to have detailed knowledge of the entire value chain from production through to storage, distribution and utilization. The range of services offered by IST includes both the development of materials and processes for electrolysers, hydrogen storage and fuel cells and the planning of the entire energy conversion chain. This involves modeling technical interrelationships and evaluating economic and ecological consequences.

Multiple opportunities for collaboration

With its wide-ranging in-house expertise and an infrastructure oriented towards industry, IST is able to respond to the requirements and requests of customers from various sectors in the area of hydrogen and fuel cell systems. We are happy to provide you with support and would be pleased to hear from you.

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