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Die Expertise des Fraunhofer IST am Wasserstoff Campus Salzgitter: Von der Nutzung, über die Speicherung und Verteilung bis hin zur Nutzung von Wasserstoff
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Salzgitter has a strong industry with many large and medium-sized businesses. However, these businesses are facing enormous challenges due to the structural change in CO2-determined production and mobility. The implementation of a hydrogen infrastructure as part of the Hydrogen Campus Salzgitter has the potential to overcome these challenges.


Fraunhofer IST contributes to the Hydrogen Campus with a detailed understanding of the entire hydrogen value chain from hydrogen production through to storage, distribution and utilization. It supports both the technological development of materials and processes for electrolysers, storage and fuel cells, and the design and optimization of coupled system elements. In particular, research is focused on the use of digital tools for the modeling and evaluation of technical interrelationships as well as the economic and ecological dependencies.

Added value

The knowledge base for the technology and modeling projects of the Hydrogen Campus Salzgitter and the concepts for the economic supply of Salzgitter are established by the GreenH2SZ project. In the Factory Transformation project, the decarbonization of factories is being driven forward with the aid of hydrogen technologies. Technologies and surface coatings for sustainable type 1 hydrogen tanks are being researched in the ObzDA project.

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Christoph Imdahl, Christine Blume, Stefan Blume, Sabrina Zellmer, Michael Gensicke, Christoph Herrmann

Potentials of Hydrogen Technologies for Sustainable Factory Systems.

In: Procedia CIRP, Volume 98, 2021, pp. 583-588


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From research

Short-term solutions for green hydrogen in Salzgitter


From research

Transformation of the Salzgitter industrial site with green hydrogen technologies

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