ProZell – Competence Cluster for Battery Cell Production

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The demand for battery cells for electromobility is currently predominantly fulfilled by manufacturers in Asia. The aim of the competence cluster is to establish an internationally leading cell production in Germany by improving quality, productivity and sustainability in cell production. In the ProZell cluster, Fraunhofer IST is working on promising solutions in the project E-Qual.


Within E-Qual, data-based approaches are being used to develop and implement solutions for minimizing environmental impacts and costs as well as improving quality and throughput. Within this project, Fraunhofer IST is developing data- and model-based methods for automated collection of energy and material data, dynamic modeling of energy and material flows in battery cell production, and reliable identification of efficient and flexible production pathways.

Added value

Thanks to the synergetic cooperation of the project partners, relevant results have already been achieved in the first few months of the project. Among other things, Fraunhofer IST is contributing to the identification of efficiency and flexibility potentials in cell production with the development of a modular simulation model for the process chains of cell production.

Insights into the project

Principle function of the modular simulation model.
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Principle function of the modular simulation model.

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This project is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

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