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GreenBatt-Cluster and included processes.
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Battery production is resource-intensive and has remarkable environmental impacts. The aim of the competence cluster is to develop innovative technologies and methods for an energy- and material-efficient battery life cycle and to close the material loop. In the GreenBat Cluster, Fraunhofer IST is working on promising solutions in the projects Action, EVanBatter and S²taR.


Fraunhofer IST is primarily contributing  through process development and evaluation (LCA, LCC). In Action, processes and evaluation methods are being developed for the recovery and reuse of production waste in electrode production. In EVanBatter, resynthesis processes of battery materials at the end of their use phase are researched and established for subsequent use in new batteries. The overall objective of the S²taR project is to investigate and evaluate the recyclability of solid-state batteries.

Added value

The results of the research projects enable a systematic and target-oriented design of the battery life cycle as well as the closing of material cycle through improved recycling processes and the use of recycled material. Therefore, batteries can be produced and recycled in a more resource and environmentally friendly way in the future.

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This project is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

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