Fighting headlice with plasma

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Germ-free ultrapure water with diamond electrodes

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Combination of embossing and coating at atmospheric pressure

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Plasma treatment of human skin: PlasmaDerm® therapy

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Wound treatment by combined plasma collagen therapy

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Life science and ecology

In the ”Life science” field the Fraunhofer IST develops coatings, processes and equipment for a range of application fields:

Medicine and hygiene

  • Healing support for wounds and infectious skin diseases
  • Antiseptic treatments
  • Dentistry
  • Hand hygiene
  • Sterilization of surfaces and disinfection
  • Treatment against lice and mites

Medical technology

  • Microfluidics
  • Biosensors
  • Lab-on-a-chip
  • Internal coating of tubes, bottles and bags
  • Functionalization of the surfaces of disposable articles
  • Implants

Cell culture technology and microbiology

  • Control of cell adhesion and differentiation
  • Control of protein adsorption
  • Coupling of antibodies
  • Cell transfection and transporation

Agricultural and foodstuffs technology

  • Pest control
  • Disinfection of seeds and food
  • Disinfection of packaging


In the ”Ecology” field the Fraunhofer IST focuses on the following topics:


In addition to users in the fields mentioned, our customers also include manufacturers of equipment for surface modification and coating as well as contract coating companies at home and abroad.