Annual Report 2021

Annual Report 2021 of the Fraunhofer IST
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In focus

  • Digitalization in surface technology [PDF]

Process and production engineering for sustainable energy storage

  • Transformation of the Salzgitter industrial site with green hydrogen technologies [PDF]

Tribology and sensor technology

  • Success factor surface cleaning – Cleaning 4.0 [PDF]
  • Tool coatings for cutting fiber-composite plastics [PDF]
  • Smart, modular and sustainable interior for the transportation of the future [PDF]
  • Thin-film sensor technology for the monitoring of temperature control in plastic injection molding [PDF]

Diamond-based systems and CleanTech

  • Textured tool surfaces [PDF]
  • Vertical integration of MEMS sensors on application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs) [PDF]
  • Ultra-hard optical diamond coatings [PDF]

Optical systems and applications for surface technology

  • Sustainable hydrogen from sunlight [PDF]
  • Process automation with MOCCA+® [PDF]

Interfacial chemistry and adaptive adhesion

  • Digitization in electroplating technology [PDF]
  • Optimizing electroplating processes by understanding the potential for hydrogen hazard [PDF]
  • Improving inhalation therapy by means of anti-adhesive surfaces [PDF]
  • Atmospheric pressure plasma sources for additive manufacturing [PDF]

Application Center at the HAWK Göttingen

  • Cleaning of room air through plasma – PlasmaAirCleaner [PDF]

Film and surface analysis for industry and research

  • How deeply does hydrogen penetrate surfaces? [PDF]