Optical functional films

Optical functional films at Fraunhofer IST

The development of optical functional films and the corresponding coating processes constitutes an important focal point for the Fraunhofer Institute for Surface Engineering and Thin Films IST. Coating optical components is the key to realising the required product characteristics such as reflection, transmission, polarisation, scattering or colour in numerous industrial applications such as photovoltaics, display technology, architectural and automotive glass, traffic engineering, information technology and electrical engineering.

Process and systems engineering

In the field of process development, the work of the institute focuses on sputtering, PACVD and vapour phase deposition methods. In-situ process control is of particular importance here. Fraunhofer IST has extensive facilities for the precipitation and characterization of high-quality films.

  • Magnetron sputtering, ALD coating technology and vapour phase deposition for optical films
  • In-situ control and monitoring, including the MOCCA+ software package
  • Model-based layout of coating systems and processes
  • Development and optimization of coating sources

Film characterization