Development and production of optical filters

Patterned precision optic.
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Patterned precision optic.

Modification of optical properties

Optical systems are the functional core in a multitude of applications, both for everyday use and for highly specialized systems. They can be found in fitness trackers as well as on a Mars Rover. Interference filters are always required to reduce reflection, limit transmission or select polarization. The use of different light sources from LED to laser and combination with suitable sensor technology lead to multiple requirements across wide spectral ranges.

Understanding the process enables flexibility with the highest precision

Based on a simulation-supported understanding of the process, we are able to adapt our coating processes to produce the best coating and substrate properties. The resulting coating platform EOSS® and the process monitoring and control software MOCCA+® can also achieve complex filters with many hundreds of layers, which we design based on your requirements. At the institute, we have a wide range of options for combining this with special properties such as scratch protection, contact angle or even a structured application.

Your application determines the properties of our coating

We are able to achieve the optical properties required even on unusual substrates such as sapphire or plastics in a wide variety of sizes, flat or curved. We are happy to determine the cost drivers on the basis of the specification and to search for optimization potential.

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