Diamond coatings for optical applications

Diamantbeschichtetes Quarzglas
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Diamond-coated quartz glass with very homogeneous coating pattern.

Transparent and highly durable

Diamond as an optical coating has the goal of making the unsurpassed extreme hardness of diamond available for use in optical coating systems. The utilization of diamond promises the highest possible mechanical durability, which can be achieved, amongst other things, for optical broadband anti-reflective coatings. The reduction of the haze caused by abrasion during use should increase the service life and the overall wear resistance of the components. Hot-wire CVD technology is applied in the development of optical diamond coatings. 

Research into optical diamond coatings for your application

Depending on the intended purpose, the diamond coating is designed and researched for your optical application. The influence of the material to be coated, the component geometry and the desired optical properties are considered in great detail. The Fraunhofer IST also has the equipment technology and process expertise for combinations of PVD and CVD coatings at its disposal.

Optical characterization and modeling 

In addition to the research and deposition of the diamond layer for your optical application, we can provide you with support in the characterization and modeling of the layers. Measurement and evaluation are an integral part of our service, as is the interpretation and discussion of the results.

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