Diamond-like carbon films DLC

Amorphous diamond-like carbon films (diamond-like carbon DLC) are wear-resistant and low-friction. DLC films are precipitated using PACVD or PVD processes. 

The characteristics of the layers can be specifically configured within a wide range depending on the production process, precipitation conditions and composition. These extensive variation possibilities of the film characteristics have led to a number of different carbon coatings with a variety of applications in the last few years.

The combination of high wear resistance with outstanding friction and anti-adhesion properties makes DLC films an ideal surface refinement for components and tools exposed to tribological stresses.

Fraunhofer IST adapts DLC coatings for specific applications. High-performance products with multifunctional surfaces and new characteristics are realized as a result.

Characteristics and benefits

  • Precipitation temperatures < 200 °C
  • Typical coating thicknesses: 1 μm to 10 μm
  • Low friction values
  • High wear resistance
  • High hardness with simultaneous above-average elasticity (E/H ≈ 10)
  • Anti-adhesion properties are possible
  • Customisable electric conductivity
  • Corrosion-resistant coating material
  • Can be precipitated on most materials



Machine elements:

  • Drive elements, for instance gear wheels, shafts, axles, chains
  • Sealing elements such as slide ring seals and ball valves
  • Bearing elements, for instance slide bearings, ball bearings, guide elements
  • Piston/cylinder pairs, for instance dampers, pistons for motors, pumps, compression



  • Original moulds such as die casting moulds
  • Forming dies such as deep-drawing dies
  • Cutting and punching dies
  • Compression moulding dies such as punches, die plates