Process chains and systems for components and tools

Different surface topographies along the process chain in the development of tribological systems:: ground (left), blasted (center), polished (right).
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Different surface topographies: ground (left), blasted (center), polished (right).

The minimization or optimization of friction and wear is a fundamental challenge for many tools and components. The tribological properties have a significant influence on the service life and sustainability of products and the associated production systems.

Process chains and systems analysis for tools and components 

The surface properties of tools and components are decisive for their tribological effect. An increase in service life and sustainability can be achieved through consideration of the process chain and the system properties. Important influencing variables for the function and for an application-optimized design of surface treatments and coatings include, in particular, the load spectrum in the application, as well as the material, manufacturing process, surface topography, pre-treatment and post-treatment, cleaning process, etc. 

Load-optimized surfaces for customer-specific applications  

With our expertise in the areas of coating production, quality assurance and coating application as well as wear and application assessment for tools and components, a broad spectrum of coating classes, edge layer and surface modifications can be realized. Surface design can be supported by laboratory experiments and specific model tests. By taking into account the entire tribological system, the application profile and the complete process chain when designing the coating, we are able to optimize and adjust surfaces in customer-specific applications with regard to the load and performance needs.

A variety of surface topographies and hard coatings from the process chain:

Process chain of surface technology: Ground, blasted, polished and coated steel sheets (from left to right).
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Process chain of surface technology: Steel sheets ground, blasted, polished and coated (from left to right).
Process chain of surface technology: Ground steel sheet surface.
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Ground steel sheet surface.
Process chain of surface technology: Sheet steel surface polished and hard coated.
© Fraunhofer IST
Sheet steel surface polished and hard coated.

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