Sustainable component and tool coating

CVD diamond coatings for various component and tool solutions.
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CVD diamond coatings for various component and tool solutions.

Extremely resistant, hard-wearing and durable coatings for your highly stressed components and tools  

CVD diamond coatings exhibit properties which are comparable to those of natural diamond and which are characterized by maximum hardness, extreme wear resistance, minimal coefficients of friction and high chemical resistance. The unique material properties ensure significant performance improvements and long-lasting products. Diamond coatings can be used to implement many of your innovative ideas. Current fields of application include high-performance tools for machining and forming technology, and highly stressed parts such as mechanical seals, bearings or guide components. 

Our expertise – your advantage

At the Fraunhofer IST, we have acquired extensive expertise in the design and manufacture of CVD diamond coatings, covering both specific treatment sequences (material selection, pretreatment, coating and process development, qualification) and the application. Depending on the task, we offer solutions for cutting tools (turning, milling, grinding, honing), for forming tools or for highly stressed parts and components. In addition, we provide you with support in the associated production and process chain considerations and in technology transfer. 

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In addition to the development and research of sustainable component and tool coatings, we have acquired comprehensive expertise in the design and realization of hot-wire CVD components and systems for the production of diamond-coating systems and other coating systems.

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