Training at the Fraunhofer IST

Finish school and head to Fraunhofer: Both institutes in Braunschweig, the Fraunhofer IST and WKI offer exciting and extensive opportunities on entry-levels for students. Together we form the foundation for your future career.

You will be trained on modern machines and installations by our competent trainers or you work in a computerized administration, gain knowledge and skills to state-of-the-art and learn to assert yourself in all fields of your career.

The training will be remunerated after the existing TVAöD.

We train

The Fraunhofer Institutes for Thin Films and Surface Engineering IST and for Wood Research WKI jointly train in the following occupations:

Physics Laboratory Assistant

in 2022

Surface Coating Technician

in 2023

Office Management Assistant

in 2022

IT Specialist – System Integration

Wood Technician

in 2022

Industrial Mechanic – Machine and System Technology

in 2022