Surface Coating Technician

in 2023


Whether in research and development, PCB production to supply the vehicle manufacturing industry or with suppliers to the aerospace industry – Surface-coating Technicians assure quality. They plan the use of materials, apply metallic coatings to the surfaces of workpieces and use a diverse range of procedures and techniques to do so. 

During the three-year training course at the Fraunhofer IST, trainees carry out basic electrochemical experiments and work independently on training, industry and research projects. In addition, at the Fraunhofer IST, this skilled job is characterized more than anything by teamwork across specializations and departments. The training course ends with an examination before the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Braunschweig.  

A good school leaving certificate (Realschulabschluss, 16+) is required (in physics, chemistry and math, 3 (C) grade minimum). An internship or work experience placement completed in a technical field is an advantage.