Scaling up and industrial transfer of the EOSS® optical coating system

Coating system EOSS®
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Coating system EOSS®.
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The EOSS® coating system (Enhanced Optical Sputtering System) was initially created at the institute in 2011 and further developed to production maturity over the following years. The first systems were sold by plant manufacturers in 2017 through licensing agreements. In order to achieve this, the demonstration system concept had to be scaled up to the required substrate size at the customer's factory.


IST scientists and engineers provided technological support to the system manufacturers both in the design phase and during commissioning. This included the simulation of the larger sputter chambers with regard to shutter distances and uniformity apertures as well as the selection of processes for optical interference filters. The extensive layer- and filter-property requirements defined in the acceptance protocol could be verified on the basis of experience with cylindrical pipe targets and the MOCCA control and monitoring system.

Added value  

Working collaboratively in the technology transfer phase made it possible to comprehensively define the capabilities of the EOSS® coating system. The company Bte uses the system for a wide variety of coating contracts and is working with the IST on ongoing development projects addressing questions concerning the expansion of the possibilities. The system concept has since been transferred to a number of other companies.

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