Material and process development for novel batteries

Structure and functional principle of a Li-ion solid-state battery.
© Fraunhofer IST, Marén Gröschel
Structure and functional principle of a Li-ion solid-state battery.

Material and process development

Prerequisites for a successful energy revolution are not only innovative materials for sustainable energy storage systems but also suitable production processes. One particular challenge in this respect is the scaling up of processes to an industrial scale.

For our customers and partners we produce, functionalize and condition novel battery materials such as solid electrolytes, active materials and lithium metal anodes. We scale up the associated production processes from laboratory to pilot scale and characterize materials and intermediate products along the process chain using a wide range of analytical methods. Furthermore, our experimental investigations are supported by simulation and modeling. We thereby focus primarily on scientific and application-oriented understanding with regard to relevant interrelationships at the particle and cell level with the aid of numerical analysis methods.

Evolution and revolution

The production of next-generation energy storage systems requires further development of a variety of production processes involving process, manufacturing and surface technologies. Together with our partners, we are working on the adaptation and optimization of existing processes and facilities as well as on testing and upscaling innovative processes.

”For sustainable battery cell production, we develop efficient and scalable manufacturing processes for materials and components for our customers, thereby incorporating essential simulation and modeling tools.”

Dipl..-Ing. Jutta Hesselbach / Group Manager