Life cycle management

Schematic life cycle of energy storage systems.
© Fraunhofer IST, Marén Gröschel
Schematic life cycle of energy storage systems.

Our set of methods for life cycle management 

In order to achieve continuous improvements throughout the product life cycle, sustainable solutions necessitate professional life cycle management. In this area, we offer our customers and partners support during the entire product life cycle – from material production all the way to recycling. Using methods such as life cycle assessment (LCE) and life cycle costing (LCC), technical, economic and environmental analyses on products and systems are carried out. We also consider security of supply and social aspects. Furthermore, integrated computational life cycle engineering, LCE enables a highly automated computer-aided evaluation of design options such as in the product creation process or in factory planning.

A holistic approach to sustainable solutions

Due to the holistic approach of life cycle management, new products can be evaluated in the early development phases. In this way, technological, economic, environmental and social opportunities and risks can be identified and comprehensively compared at an early stage. As a partner in applied research, we provide guidance in the active design of the product life cycle in accordance with the guiding principle of sustainability, and accompany our customers towards a circular economy. 

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