Interface optimization in additive manufacturing

Surface functionalization via a plasma source integrated into additive manufacturing.
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Surface functionalization via a plasma source integrated into additive manufacturing.

Improvement of the stability and adhesion of additively manufactured components

Additive manufacturing has become established in many branches of industry, from medical and pharmaceutical technology, through mobility, and on to aerospace. Particularly in extrusion-based additive manufacturing, adhesion – and, consequently, component stability – is of paramount importance. The increasing utilization of high-performance polymers and hybrid materials leads to the fact that the mechanical strength of a printed component in the Z-direction does not correspond to the strengths of the starting materials. Through optimization of the interfaces and functional coatings, new products can be created in this way.

Integration of micro plasma sources in additive-manufacturing systems and functional coating of additively manufactured components

Our experts at the Fraunhofer IST are currently developing small micro plasma sources which can be integrated directly into additive-manufacturing systems. The resultant possible in-situ functionalization of the interfaces of individual printed layers during the extrusion process can optimize the adhesion between polymers as well as hybrid materials. Our staff involved in electrochemical processes is working on new sustainable procedures for plastic metallization. Such coatings lead to significantly improved mechanical and chemical stability of the end products.

Surface technology for enhanced performance

With our sustainable processes, we optimize your additive-manufacturing systems and ensure greater functionality. We support you in the processing of new hybrid materials, the manufacture of stable products – including those made from high-performance polymers – and the design of components which are stable over the long term. 

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Reference project

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