Diamond electrodes for disinfection, antifouling, pollutant removal and pest control

Water purification by means of diamond electrodes.
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Water purification by means of diamond electrodes.

Pollutant control without the addition of chemicals

In many applications, pollutants need to be efficiently reduced or removed - preferably without the addition of chemicals. Examples include reducing the germs in drinking water or on surfaces, decreasing the micro-pollutants in wastewater, preventing biofilms in ultrapure water systems, refrigeration systems or process equipment for beverages or food, or reducing soil pests such as nematodes. All of these applications require strong oxidants such as ozone, hydrogen peroxide, or hydroxyl radicals with which to destroy the contaminants.

Highly efficient cells for electrochemical oxidation with optimally designed diamond electrodes

For the economic deployment of electrochemical oxidation with diamond electrodes, the cells must be optimally adapted to the customer's individual conditions. The Fraunhofer IST is able to develop specific electrode geometries and to coat them with various diamond modifications by means of highly productive coating technology. In addition, customers can rely on our expertise in designing and optimizing the flow conditions and the reaction kinetics of the electrochemical cells for their particular application by means of simulation and modeling. 

Design of electrochemical diamond-electrode cells

Take advantage of our extensive experience as one of the pioneers of diamond-coated electrodes as well as our comprehensive expertise in multiscale simulation and benefit from our contacts to cell manufacturers.

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