Annual Report 2022

Annual Report 2022 of the Fraunhofer IST

In focus

  • Surface technology for the healthcare sector [PDF]

Our industry solutions for your applications

Tools, plant and mechanical engineering

  • Sensor inserts for contact-temperature measurement in cross-wedge rolling process [PDF]
  • Smart screw connection Q-Bo® [PDF]
  • Treatment possibilities for components subjected to tribocorrosive stresses [PDF]
  • Green-Tools: Cobalt-free carbides with highly efficient CVD diamond and PVD hard coatings for high-performance tools [PDF]

Digital economy

  • Simulation of microparticles with Paladin [PDF]


  • Short-term solutions for green hydrogen in Salzgitter [PDF]

Aviation and space travel

  • Interview: Resource extraction on the Moon [PDF]

Medical and pharmaceutical process engineering

  • Automated cleaning and pretreatment [PDF]
  • Robot-guided plasma treatment of 3D surfaces [PDF]


  • Setup for high-precision wavefront measurement [PDF]

Environmental technology, agricultural and food industry

  • Research for the crop production of the future [PDF]