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A new street name, the groundbreaking ceremony for a new research building, and new developments from the field of research: In this Newsletter, we once again provide you with information on current topics from the Fraunhofer IST. Find out, for example, how customized optical measurement technology can improve the monitoring of production, or how process chains for the manufacture of resilient and smart tools can be configured.

Furthermore, not one but two new articles can be found in our “In portrait” section. Prof. Dr.-Ing. Stephan Krinke explains how his work at the Fraunhofer IST provides a contribution towards greater sustainability and climate neutrality for our customers. In the second video, Friederike Henze and Denis Suris report on their training as physics laboratory assistants at the Fraunhofer IST.

Finally, we would like to draw your attention to our Annual Report 2022, in which you will find further articles concerning the research activities of the Fraunhofer IST and their outcomes.

We hope that you enjoy reading this Newsletter, and we wish you a very pleasant summer.

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New address for the Fraunhofer IST due to renaming of the street

Information for visitors, customers and partners of the Fraunhofer Institute for Surface Engineering and Thin Films IST: The street Bienroder Weg has been renamed Riedenkamp by the City of Braunschweig. As a result, our address at the institute will also be changing. From 13th June 2023, you will find the Fraunhofer IST at its familiar location but with the new address “Riedenkamp 2, 38108 Braunschweig”.


Groundbreaking ceremony for Fraunhofer ZESS institute building

The Fraunhofer ZESS is centered around the development of system solutions for energy storage and hydrogen technologies. To achieve this, the Fraunhofer institutes IFAM,  IST and IKTS are being provided with a new institute building at the Braunschweig Research Airport. The groundbreaking ceremony on June 7, 2023 marked the start of construction on a research building.


Customized optical measurement technology for production monitoring

The requirements placed upon production are increasing continuously.  At the Fraunhofer Institute for Surface Engineering and Thin Films IST, systems for improved process control and the automated process management of coating processes are developed on the basis of a holistic understanding of the process. One example is the MOCCA+® software, which will be demonstrated live at LASER 2023.


SVC Mentor Award 2023

Dr. Andreas Pflug from the Fraunhofer Institute for Surface Engineering and Thin Films IST was presented with the “Mentor Award” at this year’s conference of the Society of Vacuum Coaters (SVC TechCon 2023) in recognition of his outstanding achievements in the field of plasma-process simulation. With the award the SVC acknowledges exceptional contributions towards the development of vacuum coating technology or services to society.


Sustainable process chains for the manufacture of smart tools

Whether drilling, turning or milling: In machining – as well as in primary forming and re-forming, die casting and many other applications – tools are of pivotal importance for industrial production. One objective of the work at the Fraunhofer IST in Braunschweig is the development of resilient and smart tools under the requirements of sustainability. 


Innovative sensor inserts enable monitoring of production processes

In order to achieve optimum product quality, precise control of the production process is necessary. For this purpose, the relevant parameters must be continuously recorded. In this context, the Fraunhofer IST will be presenting its most recent developments for the optimization of cotter rolling processe: Thin-film sensor inserts which enable precise in-situ detection of the temperature distribution on the tool surface.


Multisensory tools for digital process monitoring

Autonomous, self-controlling production systems have tremendous potential in the transformation towards sustainability. Through the development of integrated and wear-resistant thin-film sensors, parameters such as force, temperature or wear can be recorded in the vicinity of highly stressed forming zones. As a result, the manufacturing process for high-quality cold-forged parts can be monitored and optimized. 

In portrait: Sustainability in research

In the second part of our new series "In Portrait", Prof. Dr. Stephan Krinke, Chief Scientist for Sustainability Management and Life Cycle Engineering, tells us what goals he is pursuing in order to make a contribution to greater sustainability and climate neutrality in research with the work at the Fraunhofer IST and what motivated him to switch from industry to applied research.

In portrait: Trainees in research

At the Fraunhofer IST we offer training in four apprenticeship professions. Training to become a physics laboratory assistant is one of them. Friederike and Denis recently completed their training at the Fraunhofer IST and provide us with a review in the third part of our "Portrait" series.

Annual report 2022


Read the latest results of the Fraunhofer IST in our annual report 2022.

Trade fairs and conferences


V 2023

Dresden, September 18 - 21, 2023

The V-Conference is the meeting place for the vacuum, plasma and coating industry. The Fraunhofer IST is represented as a scientific partner of the event with the following contributions.



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