Diamond and hard coating systems for “green“ tools

Milling tool with diamond coating.
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Milling tool with diamond coating.
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High-performance tools are highly complex and innovative products used for the production of almost all technical products. Only if all the technologies involved (carbide, geometry, edge zone, wear-protection layer, machining strategies) are interacting at the optimum level can top performance and “green“ technologies be combined and barriers overcome. 


As part of “Green-Tools“, the Fraunhofer IST is developing multilayer wear-protection coatings based on diamond and hard materials for new hard metals with improved composite properties, cutting performance and service life. This is where our combined process and system expertise comes into play, incorporating the pre-treatment of tools, interface design using targeted mechanical and chemical modification of the edge zone with diffusion processes and intermediate layers, and CVD and PVD processes for the production of innovative diamond and nanostructured hard coatings.  

Added value 

The intention is to develop high-performance demonstrators in order to lower the barrier to market entry so that the new technology can be further developed to production maturity with the direct participation of the key mechanical and plant-engineering industries. This will make a significant contribution towards the vision of a sustainable and resource-efficient industrial society. 

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Green-Tools: Cobalt-free carbides for high-performance tools

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