Messe  /  May 30, 2022  -  June 02, 2022

Hannover Messe 2022

The Hannover Messe is the world's most important trade fair for all technologies related to industrial transformation and takes place every year at the world's largest exhibition center in Hanover. The partner country of the fair this year is Portugal.

This year, the event will take place as a hybrid format and will focus on important topics of the future such as AI, sustainable production or 5G. Thus, visitors to the fair can look forward to innovations and extraordinary products.

The Fraunhofer IST is participating in this year's Hannover Messe at a joint Fraunhofer booth as part of the Fraunhofer Adaptronics Alliance in Hall 5, Booth A06. We will present several exhibits from the field of sensor technology at the Hannover Messe as part of the Fraunhofer Adaptronics Alliance:

Thin-film sensors for recording data directly in high-load zones

For the optimization of partially or fully lubricated tribological systems, knowledge concerning the temperature in the lubrication gap is of great importance. In order to be able to create a better design for the scuffing load capacity of gear teeth, the temperature in the mixed-friction-loaded tooth-flank contact must be measured. Whilst thin-film sensor systems are suitable for this purpose, they are, however, subjected to very high wear in these contact zones. The wear-resistant thin-film system on gears and bearings developed at the Fraunhofer IST enables spatially resolved temperature measurement in rolling contacts subject to mixed friction.


Thin-film sensor technology for temperature and pressure monitoring in a multi-coupling

The resource-efficient production of plastic components by means of injection molding is dependent on a precise temperature and flow control of the injection molds. To improve the design and monitoring of mold temperature control, the real temperatures, pressures and flow rates during the injection molding process must be recorded. In order to determine these values, a multi-coupling insert with a multi-sensory and media-resistant thin-film system is being developed at the Fraunhofer IST which, in direct contact with the passing water, should enable the measurement of the variables temperature, pressure and flow rate.