Annual Report 2016

Articles by Business Unit

Mechanical engineering, tools and automotive technology

  • Structure-preserving hard coatings [PDF]
  • Path to dry forming of aluminum alloys [PDF]
  • Thin-film systems for temperature measurement in die-cast aluminum [PDF]
  • Ultra-high-performance sensor-controlled moment connections [PDF]
  • Heating conductors for local temperature control of micro-sized plastic injection molds [PDF]
  • Anti-adhesive coatings with high contour fidelity for plastic molding [PDF]


  • Functional coatings for weather satellites [PDF]
  • Gas-flow sputtered thermal barrier coatings [PDF]

Energy and electronics

  • Reactively sputtered ZnO:Al with the double-tube magnetron [PDF]


  • High-rate deposition of silicon oxide films with low internal stress [PDF]
  • Pixel filters – microstructured thin film filters for 3D metrology [PDF]
  • Innovative spectrometer with low divergence [PDF]

Life science and ecology

  • Tuberculosis test – faster and more sensitive due to plasma coating [PDF]
  • The next generation of plasma treatment [PDF]
  • Reducing the migration of pvc plasticizers [PDF]
  • New plasma jets for cleaning silver [PDF]
  • Structured plasma treatment for gravure printing [PDF]

Services and competencies

  • Continuous ball-crater abrasion measurement in real time [PDF]
  • Oxygen-free plasma pretreatment [PDF]