Photocatalytic testing methods and measurement technology – Our measurement laboratory performs tests in accordance with DIN, CEN and ISO standards

Determination of photocatalytic activity - degradation of methylene blue.
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Photocatalytic testing methods create added value in applications, for example testing of the self-cleaning behavior of architectural glass.

Photocatalytically active surfaces

Photocatalytically equipped products are preferentially used for the degradation of air pollutants in order to improve the urban climate (degradation of nitrogen oxides) or for the degradation of adhesions in order to reduce surface contamination (less maintenance effort, longer service life). Photocatalytic testing methods help in determining how effectively disruptive or even harmful substances are degraded.


Als Mitglied des DIN-Normausschusses Photokatalyse und als anerkanntes Prüflabor des Deutschen Fachverbands angewandte Photokatalyse (FAP) bietet das Fraunhofer IST seinen Kunden Normprüfungen ihrer photokatalytisch aktiven Produkte nach den aktuell gültigen nationalen und internationalen Prüfnormen sowie Zertifizierungen ihrer Produkte nach den Richtlinien des FAP.

Photocatalytic testing methods for the evaluation of photocatalytic products

As a recognized testing laboratory of the German Federation for applied Photocatalysis (FAP) and a member of the DIN standardization committee Photokatalyse (Photocatalysis), we offer our customers testing of their photocatalytically active products in accordance with the currently valid DIN, CEN and ISO standards and certify them in accordance with the guidelines of the German Federation for applied Photocatalysis (FAP).

Furthermore, we conduct customer-specific photocatalytic testing procedures within the framework of product developments and thereby offer our customers a comprehensive range of services for evaluation from the material through to the application.

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