Trade Fair  /  November 15, 2022  -  November 17, 2022

Space Tech Expo Europe

The Space Tech Expo Europe sets the bar for providing attendees with fundamental knowledge on current industry trends, challenges, and opportunities in unmissable discussions from technical-level experts from across the supply chain. The Fraunhofer IST is participating in the trade fair as part of the Fraunhofer Aviation & Space Alliance: an association of 17 institutes conducting applied research in the field of space technology.

The Fraunhofer joint booth is located in hall 5, where the Fraunhofer IST will present the following topics:

Surface technology for additively manufactured components made from plastic for aerospace applications

The use of polymers and additive processes allows components to be made considerably lighter. Polymers are inherently lighter than metals; furthermore, additive processes allow significant weight savings through optimization of the design. Through galvanic metallization of the plastic surface, the strength was further increased and in addition, the required electrical conductivity (prevention of electrostatic charging) was ensured.

Optical filter for space applications

At the Fraunhofer IST the EOSS® coating platform was developed and set up with which highly demanding ultra-precise optical interference filters with maximum uniformity can be produced for space applications. With the EOSS® sputtering system, in addition to extremely low defect coatings, highly complicated coating designs with several 100 layers can be realized on an industrial scale with high process reliability. Examples of applications are fluorescence investigations on earth with the aid of optical filters, remote sensing with optical systems in satellites or precision optical filters for laser projection. At the ILA the IST will be presenting coated optical filters and lenses.

Waveguide made of metallized CFRP for antennas of the “Sentinel-Mission“

Together with Airbus DS the Fraunhofer IST has developed a special galvanic process which provides extremely lightweight waveguides made of CFRP with an ultra-thin conductive copper layer on the inside and outside and also withstands the extreme temperature fluctuations prevailing in space. At the ILA the Fraunhofer IST is presenting waveguides for the Sentinel 1a-d earth observation satellites which collect data for environmental and climate impact research. The process is also suitable for other components made of CFRP.

Moon Village – The urbanization of the moon

The urbanization of the moon is one of the most important manned spaceflight projects worldwide. Questions concerning the construction of an infrastructure on the moon, energy supply, radiation exposure and a changed day/night rhythm have to be taken into account. At the Fraunhofer IST some of these questions are being addressed. One focus is on the transfer of results to possible terrestrial technologies. The focus lies on questions which also have an influence on climate protection on earth.