Conference  /  September 12, 2022  -  September 15, 2022

18. International Conference on Plasma Surface Engineering

This year´s International Conference on Plasma Surface Engineering will again take place in Erfurt, Germany. The conference is an established forum for discussing current developments, challenges and new findings in plasma surface treatment and showcases the progress of research and development. The program ranges from the fundamentals of plasma technology to applications in industrial production. 

The focus of this year's PSE lies on ”Changes in Plasma Surface Engineering”, which means that trends and future developments will be discussed. The focus thereby will be on technologies for which high growth is expected in the next decade.

The Fraunhofer IST will be taking part in the exhibition at the conference on Tuesday, September 13 to Wednesday, September 14, 2022 within the framework of the joint booth of the network INPLAS and will participate in the scientific conference program of the PSE with numerous contributions:

Montag, 12. September 2022, 9:00 - 12:30 Uhr

Tutorial: »Horizon Europe / Improving success chances to receive EU funding«

The new Horizon Europe funding scheme is the EU’s key programme for research and innovation with a total budget of nearly 100 billion Euro. A successful proposal incorporates scientific and technical excellence as key factors, but also other mandatory aspects in order to be on the top of the ranking list. Only top-level proposals have very good chances to receive funding. This tutorial will give a brief overview of relevant calls under Cluster 4 Digital, Industry and Space and moreover valuable insights from experts regarding the evaluation process and key “hidden” aspects that are mandatory to have higher success rates.   

Dr. Guido Hora, Fraunhofer IST and Marina Henniger, Stiftung für Technologie, Innovation und Forschung Thüringen (STIFT)

12:45 pm - 15:00 pm

Questions & Answers | Networking


Monday, September 12 2022, 11:00 am

”Surface engineering with atmospheric-pressure plasmas”

Prof. Dr. Michael Thomas (Lecture)


Tuesday, September 13, 10:45 am

”Investigations on the corrosion behavior of plasma-nitrided austenitic stainless steels”

Phillip Marvin Reinders M.Sc. (Lecture)


Tuesday, September 13, 12:00 am

”CVD Diamond Coatings for Co-free Cemented Carbide Tool Materials”

Dr.-Ing. Christian Stein (Lecture)


Tuesday, September 13, 14:00 pm

”Atmospheric Pressure Microplasma Sources for Additive Manufacturing”

Dr. rer. nat. Thomas Neubert (Lecture)


Tuesday, September 13, 14:45 pm

»Approach to digitizing your sputtering system«

Dipl.-Phys. Holger Gerdes (Lecture)


Tuesday, September 13, 16:30 pm

”Adhesion Control of Sustainable Materials by Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Process”

Dr. Marvin Omelan (Lecture)


Tuesday, September 13, 20:02 pm

”Gasboring of tool steels and its tribological evaluation”

Markus Mejauschek M.Sc. (Poster)


Tuesday, September 13, 20:03 pm

”Investigation on low-temperature plasma nitriding under industry-related treatment conditions for rolling bearing components”

Tristan Brückner (Poster)


Tuesday, September 13, 20:23 pm

”Adhesion reducing surface modifications on aluminum processing tools”

Dipl.-Ing. Hanno Paschke (Poster)


Tuesday, September 13, 20:24 pm

”Thermal Barrier Tool Coatings for Thermoforming of FRP, Thermal Film Properties and first Forming-Tests”

Dr.-Ing. Christian Stein (Poster)


Thursday, September 15, 11:00 am

”Active Control of Reactive HIPIMS Processes Using Spectroscopic and Electric Parameters”

Dr. Ralf Bandorf (Lecture)