Innovative sensor inserts for the monitoring of production processes

Sensor insert cross wedge rollers
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Sensor insert coated with thin-film sensors.
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The integration of sensors in cotter rolling is difficult due to high process forces, short cycle times and contaminated environments, with the result that process data are often only recorded to a limited extent. For the application of thin-film sensor technology, innovative sensor inserts must therefore be developed in order to determine measurement data for the precise control of the production process.


Thanks to the recording of measured variables – such as temperature or pressure – directly on the surface of highly stressed tools during a manufacturing or machining process, tool-wear processes can be better understood and unexpected fluctuations can be detected promptly. Compared to conventional measuring methods such as pyrometry, direct measurement during the process is significantly more precise and enables the temporal progression of the parameters to be recorded accurately.

Added value 

The thin-film sensors are wear-resistant and can also record measurement data in highly stressed areas and on complexly shaped surfaces. The technology can be used for a multitude of additional production processes such as hot and cold forming or plastic injection molding and provides an important database for the digitalization of production processes.

Further information



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DOI 10.1007/978-3-031-18318-8_7



Karl Christoph Grötzinger, Anna Schott, Martin Rekowski, Bernd Ehrbrecht

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Conference paper: Material Forming (April 2023)

DOI: 10.21741/9781644902479-218

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