Annual Report 2019

Electrodes for the production of battery cells.
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Electrodes for the production of battery cells.

Articles by Business Unit

Mechanical engineering, tools and automotive technology

  • Optimized cleaning chain for the plasma coating of tools [PDF]
  • Textured CVD diamond micro abrasive pencils [PDF]
  • Surface-layer treatment of high-temperature materials [PDF]
  • Robust thermoresistive sensor technology forming [PDF]
  • Thin-film sensor technology in mixed-friction-loaded contacts [PDF]
  • Materials for high-temperature strain gauges [PDF]
  • Innovative composite layers by means of atmospheric PECVD [PDF]
  • Upscaling of PECVD processes [PDF]


  • Surface technology for the generative production of polymer components [PDF]
  • Narrow IR bandpass filter on three-dimensional surfaces [PDF]

Energy and electronics

  • Fields of application for atomic layer deposition [PDF]
  • Direct simulation monte carlo of HWCVD silicon deposition processes [PDF]


  • Simulation of optical precision coatings on curved components [PDF]
  • Particles in coating processes [PDF]
  • New possibilities with MOCCA+® [PDF]

Life science and ecology

  • Safe water for rural areas in southern Africa [PDF]
  • Modifications of membranes for wastewater treatment of heavy metals [PDF]

Services and competencies

  • EPMA-Analysis of thin films: Film thickness and composition [PDF]