Competence cluster FestBatt enters second funding phase

Solid-state batteries: Moving towards more powerful energy storage systems

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Solid-state batteries are considered to be a promising further development of the currently available lithium-ion batteries. In solid-state batteries, a so-called solid electrolyte is deployed instead of a liquid electrolyte, which is expected to result in increased safety, larger storage capacities and shorter charging times. Within the framework of the BMBF-funded FestBatt competence cluster, the Fraunhofer Institute for Surface Engineering and Thin Films IST, in collaboration with further research institutes, is conducting research into the manufacture, optimization and upscaling of processes for the production of solid-state batteries using sulfidic solid electrolytes.

The objective of the first funding phase, in which a total of more than 100 researchers from various scientific institutions participated, was to create the materials-science foundations for high-performance solid electrolytes and, in parallel, to develop scalable production processes for these materials. The development, production and characterization of these new materials was investigated within three different material platforms, each of which focused on the synthesis and upscaling of solid electrolytes of a specific respective material class. Thiophosphates, oxides and polymers were thereby investigated. The Fraunhofer IST addressed the upscaling of manufacturing processes for sulfidic solid electrolytes within the framework of the “Thiophosphates Materials Platform”.  

The focus of the second phase lies on cell concepts for solid-state batteries on the basis of the three classes of materials investigated. For this purpose, the processes from the first phase will be further developed and scaled up in order to enable the manufacture of cell components and solid-state battery cells. The focus of the Fraunhofer IST in this phase is on the scalable synthesis of sulfide-based solid electrolytes and the production of sulfide-based electrodes within the framework of the “Thiophosphates Materials Platform”. Furthermore, the production processes of solid-state batteries and their components are to be evaluated from economic, ecological and technological points of view within the framework of the “Cross-Sectional Platform Production” and the associated project EProFest.

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