Accolade from the Braunschweig Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) for apprentice at the Fraunhofer IST

“Very good” for Anton Corba

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Within the framework of the 2022 examination honors, Anton Corba, an apprentice at the Fraunhofer IST, received an accolade for his very good performance in his final examination to become an IT specialist for systems integration. IHK President Tobias Hoffmann presented the graduate with a certificate in recognition of this at the ceremony in Braunschweig’s Millenium Event Center.

IHK Braunschweig 2022 examination honors
© IHK Braunschweig, Andreas Rudolph
IHK Braunschweig 2022 examination honors: IHK President Tobias Hoffmann, graduate Anton Corba, training officer Jannik Pfeiffer and HR manager Carolin Buttler (from left to right) following the official award ceremony.

Anton Corba’s training lasted a total of three years. In addition to the theoretical elements at the vocational school, he spent the majority of this time addressing IT inquiries from his colleagues at the Fraunhofer IST: from installing new computers, through establishing network connections, and on to creating entire virtualization environments - everything was covered. “The day-to-day work on our help desk was what I enjoyed the most,” Corba summed up. “There are always new tasks and challenges there; it never gets boring and you learn something new every day.” The graduate described the training at the Fraunhofer IST as altogether very good: “The collaboration in the team with friendly and competent colleagues was super. If I had any questions, I always received help, and Fraunhofer as an employer made a lot of things possible - in short: I’m glad to be at the IST.” 

During the ceremony, the 132 best graduates from the Braunschweig district of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce were honored who, as part of the examination year group, completed the winter examinations of 2021/2022 and the summer examinations of 2022 with the grade “very good”. A total of 2650 apprentices successfully completed the examinations.

Furthermore, the Fraunhofer IST – as a training company – received an award during the event in recognition of its commitment to training. Carolin Buttler, a member of the Human Resources department, accepted the award on behalf of the Institute.

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