Award-winning doctoral thesis: “Herstellung und Charakterisierung von Nanokompositen mit hoher elektrischer Leitfähigkeit“ (Production and characterization of nanocomposites with high electrical conductivity)

Dr. Marvin Omelan receives award from the Deutsche Kautschukindustrie

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Within the framework of this year’s general meeting, the Arbeitgeberverband der Deutschen Kautschukindustrie (ADK – employers’ association of the German rubber industry) honored Dr. Marvin Omelan as one of the best graduates of the year for his doctorate in the field of applied polymer chemistry at Leibniz University Hannover.

The awardee Marvin Omelan.
© Fraunhofer IST, Ulrike Balhorn
The awardee Marvin Omelan.

In his work at the Deutsches Institut für Kautschuktechnologie e. V. (DIK Society), Dr. Omelan was engaged in the development of electrically high conductive elastomer materials with low hardness which, amongst other things, are of great importance for applications in medical technology. As a result of their properties, the new nanocomposites have the potential of being used as biocompatible electrode materials for electrophysiological examinations of the brain. They can be manufactured, adapted and enhanced comparatively quickly by means of Omelan’s process. Consequently, the time span between the development and the market launch of new medicines to cure degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s, schizophrenia, Parkinson’s or epilepsy could be shortened in the future.

Since April 2021, Dr. Omelan has been working at the Fraunhofer IST in the department of Interfacial Chemistry and Adaptive Adhesion in the area of atmospheric-pressure plasma processes. His experience and knowledge in the field of wet-chemical surface modification and functionalization are thereby of great benefit to the 30-year-old. At the institute, he is working, for instance, on biomimetic plasma polymerization for the functionalization of paper. His work thereby entails such tasks as improving the resistance of paper against moisture by treating it with atmospheric-pressure plasma. “At the Fraunhofer IST, there are many exciting points of reference related to my dissertation. I am really looking forward to contributing my knowledge towards the development of new products and processes,” explained Omelan. “For me personally, it is unique and absolutely fantastic to be able to win this endowed prize. I always say that chemistry is not everything, but everything is chemistry!”.

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