Environmentally friendly surface cleaning

© Photo Fraunhofer IST

Effective surface cleaning assumes a key role in coating technology and surface engineering because the standards for surface quality are high, even before the coating process. Fraunhofer IST has developed a powerful yet environmentally friendly water-based cleaning technology.

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Substrate cleaning in precision optics

© Photo Fraunhofer IST, Jan Benz

Substrate cleaning is an important prerequisite for the production of high-quality optics. A fully automated cleaning line was developed especially for this purpose at Fraunhofer IST. Being able to accommodate a wide variety of substrate geometries with extreme flexibility and cost effectiveness was the objective. Particles and organic contaminants are removed from the substrates in ultrasound-assisted cleaning lines operating in a clean room atmosphere.

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Plasma activation and plasma functionalization

© Photo Fraunhofer IST, Falko Oldenburg

Plasma discharge in synthetic air.

The use of atmospheric pressure plasma processes for the cleaning of surfaces and the activation of polymer foils, wood and wood-based materials to improve wettability is already widespread in industrial applications.

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