Sustainability management throughout the product life-cycle

Supply Chain Management Concept: A Comprehensive Process of Planning, Organizing, and Controlling Resources to Satisfy Customer Needs with Efficient Flow and Storage of Goods and Services
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Early identification of relevant sustainability issues 

Today, companies are confronted with significant challenges such as changes in business rivalry, technological pressures, and shifting values. Furthermore, the global sustainability trends of resource scarcity, demographic development and climate change are increasing the pressure on manufacturing companies. In order to remain competitive and simultaneously ensure a future-oriented stance for corporate activities, it is necessary to establish a strategic sustainability management system and to bring this into alignment with corporate objectives. A key success factor for sustainability management is the early identification of relevant fields of action as well as the variables that influence sustainability throughout the entire product life-cycle.

Climate strategy, decarbonization and circular economy

We provide our customers with support on the path towards increased sustainability. In the process, the product- and company-specific requirements form the focus of our research. Taking the future requirements of customers, competition, legislation, financial-market ratings, and scientific and technological trends as a starting point, we identify the sustainability variables for the respective companies and sectors. Measurable targets are then set for these, and measures are derived in order to achieve them. For environmental sustainability, our focus is on decarbonization, water efficiency and recyclable products and technologies for a circular economy.

Tailored to the corporate culture and the needs of our clients, we furthermore develop specific learning modules in order to anchor sustainability and its goals in the workforce in a comprehensible and specific manner and to support the successful implementation of measures. We would be pleased to advise your management team regarding the strategic supervision of sustainability and the establishment of a sustainability target system within the company.

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