Life Cycle Engineering as a decision-making aid for more sustainability

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Measurability of sustainability as a success factor

Managerial decisions within the framework of the sustainability strategy require a reliable data basis and, therefore, directionally sound and scientifically robust methods in order to measure the sustainability performance of the company and to estimate the costs of achieving sustainability goals. At the Fraunhofer IST, we develop methods and tools for our customers and partners within the framework of Life Cycle Engineering and also provide them with advice and support in this process. 


Methods of Life Cycle Engineering on the basis of international standards

Our methodology toolbox for the implementation of Life Cycle Engineering principles for reducing the environmental impact of technologies encompasses both Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and Life Cycle Costing (LCC) and is applied as early as the conceptual design phase. We analyze sustainability performance using the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) tool in accordance with ISO 14040. On the basis of hotspot analyses, we identify the areas in the life-cycle of products that offer the greatest potential for optimization. By means of Life Cycle Engineering, we then derive the technical measures required in order to achieve ecological goals, and prepare scenario analyses in which we also estimate the corresponding costs (e.g. €/t CO2). 


Our tools support, in particular, early business processes such as production planning, product development or procurement. For this purpose, we develop tools for quantifying the product carbon footprint (PCF) and the corporate carbon footprint (CCF), as well as for measuring other sustainability parameters such as resource consumption, water footprint or local air quality. Our methodology toolbox is thereby based on internationally recognized standards and methods such as ISO 14001, ISO 14040ff, the Science Based Targets initiative, and Greenhouse Gas Protocol. Furthermore, we are working throughout the EU and in collaboration with large industry consortia on a Europe-wide LCA approach for zero-emission road transport for the automotive industry, in which standardization approaches for methods, tools and databases are being developed.

In order to establish and anchor Life Cycle Assessments and related methods in companies, we offer customer-specific learning and teaching modules within the area of further training.

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