The impact test for testing the fatigue strength of coatings and materials under continuous load

Impact test during inspection of a coating on a piston ring.
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Impact test during inspection of a coating on a piston ring.

Impact test of coatings

The impact test is a test method used to test the behavior of thick or thin layers, but also of solid materials with regard to permanent load. A fixed test ball exerts a long-term cyclic load (up to 1 million cycles) on the component to be tested. Depending on the area of application, the impact test can generate a fluctuating or repeated load (contact mode or lifting mode). The impact test provides a statement concerning the fatigue strength of the surface. 

How the test is used

Die charakteristischen Prüfparameter beim Impact-Test sind:

  • The characteristic test parameters in the impact test are:
  • Load: 500 - 5000 N
  • Duration: 100 - 1,000,000 cycles
  • Frequency: 20 - 70 Hz
  • Counterbody: carbide or ceramic balls

The evaluation is usually carried out under an optical microscope or a scanning electron microscope, whereby deformations, cracking or spalling can be documented and quantified, including in cross-section if necessary. 

Load series (e.g. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 kN) or cycle series  (z.B. 102, 103, 104, 105, 106 Zyklen) are possible in order to determine the damage threshold or service life of the materials. 

Load variation

Prüfung einer CrN-Schicht auf Stahl. Feste Zyklenzahl von 100.000, Variation der Last von 200 - 600N.
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Testing of a CrN coating on steel. Fixed number of cycles of 100,000, variation of load from 200 - 600N.

Variation of the load duration

Prüfung einer CrN-Schicht auf Stahl. Feste Last von 3000N, Variation der Dauer von 1000 - 100.000 Zyklen.
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Testing of a CrN coating on steel. Fixed load of 3000N, variation of duration from 1000 - 100,000 cycles. 

Impact test sample disruption

CrN-Schicht auf Stahl. Die Querschliffpräparation durch den Impactkrater zeigt die Rissbildung und Zerrüttung in der Schicht und der darunter liegenden Nitrierzone.
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CrN layer on steel. Cross-section preparation through the impact crater shows cracking and disruption in the layer and underlying nitrided zone. 



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