SENTECH SE 850 (SENresearch)
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Sentech SE 850 (SENresearch)

Neutral and independent testing and evaluation of optical components

Ellipsometry is a non-contact and non-destructive measurement method. Using the spectra recorded spectrally and at different angles, various parameters such as the refractive indices, layer thicknesses, roughness and other parameters of optically transparent single layers and multilayers can be determined by means of an optical model. In addition to the utilization of an ex-situ device, the Fraunhofer IST also realizes setups for specialized customer requirements for in-situ measurements, for example directly at the coating facility.

Available test methods for standard-compliant and customer-specific measurements

A Sentech SE 850 DUV (SENResearch) with the following features is available at the Fraunhofer IST for ellipsometry: 

  • Wavelength range 190 - 2500 nm
  • Up to 6" sample size, transparent or opaque
  • Very sensitive and low-noise cooled DUV detection system
  • Very sensitive and low-noise FTIR spectrometer
  • Computer-controlled goniometer for variable angle measurements (50 - 70°)
  • Microspots with a beam diameter of 100 μm
  • Optional: wet cell for measurements under defined atmospheric conditions

Our offer also includes the evaluation and interpretation of the measurement data in the field of ellipsometry upon request.

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