Conference  /  June 20, 2022  -  June 29, 2022

International Conference on Modern Materials and Technologies

During the 15th International Conference on Modern Materials and Technologies CIMTEC in Perugia, Italy, the 15th International Ceramics Congress will be held June 20 - 24, 2022, and the 9th Forum on New Materials will be held June 25 - 29, 2022. The two events include a series of symposia and conferences. CIMTEC brings together scientists, physicists, chemists and experts from the most demanding technical application areas of advanced materials. The field covers the molecular and nanoscale up to complex integrated systems.

As part of the International Ceramics Congress' Markus Mejauschek will present his latest research results on gas boriding in a lecture on ”New surface boriding technologies”.


Tuesday, June 21, 2022, 3.20 pm

Symposium CG ”Ceramic Thin Films and Coatings for Protective, Tribological and Multifunctional Applications”


”New Surface Boriding Technologies”

Markus. Mejauschek M.Sc.

Boriding of materials with powder or paste-like precursors has been studied for many years. The process involves boron diffusing into the material at temperatures above 750 °C. Very hard and wear-resistant boride layers with a larger layer thickness are formed compared to conventional hard coatings. A disadvantage of this process are the resulting residues of the precursor on the material surface, which must be laboriously removed and disposed of. To get around this, gas boriding processes with BCL3 precursor and additional plasma support were developed.  However, the problem here was the formation of pores and the technology was not suitable for the successful treatment of high-alloy steels and high temperature materials.  

With a new gas boriding process, it is possible to produce almost non-porous boride layers with columnar structure on various high-alloyed steels and high temperature materials. Coating thicknesses up to 20 μm with hardnesses above 2000 HV can be achieved. After post-hardening of the steels, according to the specifications of the material manufacturers, a fine-grained edge zone with further increased hardness could be observed. Ball-on disk-tests against steel, aluminium and titanium demonstrate a very good friction and wear behaviour. 

M. Mejauschek*, M. Weber, H. Paschke, C. Herrmann, Fraunhofer Institute for Surface Engineering an Thin Films IST, Braunschweig, Germany;  P. Kaestner and J. Vogtmann, Institute for Surface Technology, Braunschweig, Germany