Online  /  December 11, 2020

SVC Webinar 2.0

Dr. Ralf Bandorf, Manager of the Group Highly Ionized Plasmas and PECVD at the Fraunhofer IST long-standing member of the organization committee of the Society of Vacuum Coaters SVC, together with his colleague Holger Gerdes, presents one of a series of 60-90-minute interactive webinars as part of the SVC Webinar 2.0. This series takes place in the run-up to the next SVC TechCon. The topic of the webinar is “Application of Reactive Sputtering“.


Friday, December 11, 2020

“Application of Reactive Sputtering“

Dr. Ralf Bandorf, Holger Gerdes

This tutorial covers the fundamentals of reactive sputtering for applications. A short introduction in reactive sputtering is given, dealing with the occurrence of hysteresis and ways to control the process. A theoretical description using the Berg model will motivate the understanding of the reactions involved in the coating chamber. Following the basics, different options for process control will be discussed. Especially for processes that drift towards compound mode the risk of arcing is increasing. Ways to control and avoid arcing will be discussed. Different sensors for the process control will be presented and discussed with respect to benefits and limitations of each one. Reactive process control for industrial processes will be addressed. The course will conclude with recent developments.